I was diagnosed in August 2015. So yes, I guess I am a sort of newbie for the time being. It all started with many classic symptoms, feeling thirsty, needing the toilet a lot, having headaches, feeling tired and just generally very groggy. I think that I had mild symptoms for maybe 9 months before I was diagnosed. I have to say, I do wonder if I have the ability to predict the future in my sleep as the night before I got called to the doctors and then whisked away to the hospital I dreamt nearly everything that happened. From the doctor who told me to the hospital I went to. Or maybe it was just the worry and anxiety. I did think a LOT about what might be wrong in the two days between the blood test and final diagnosis. Who knows! Currently, I am told that I am doing very well and my latest HbA1c was 7.6%. How long have you been diagnosed and what is your latest HbA1c?

Emily 🙂


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