PumpPeelz Review

Before going on holiday (Blog Post about that soon) I ordered a lot of PumpPeelz and I love them . They are beautiful and have absolutely wonderful service.

Living in the UK I had to get them shipped over from America. I did have to pay delivery, however, it was cheap and the service was good.

I ordered a PDM cover and several Pod stickers. What I ordered came in excellent time and looked exactly as it did online. The quality was amazing and they were so easy to apply.

I peeled off the backing and applied it to my OmniPod PDM. I lined up the holes and voila…it fitted perfectly. Then, on holiday, I added a Peel to my Pod. It worked like a present with tabs to fold in. It looked great!

I wore the Peel into a Geothermal pool and it stayed on the whole time even though the water was 40+ degrees C. It then lasted a further 9 days on multiple other Pods!

I absolutely love this company and I can’t wait to buy more from the new winter collections. I may even design my own!

Here is a link to their website!  https://pumppeelz.com/



This blog post was in no way sponsered by or written by PumpPeelz. It is entirely my own opinions written by myself to let others know what I think about the company PumpPeelz. I did NOT gain anything from writing this post. 




Back 2 School

Yay! It’s that time of year again. Summer is over and back to the old school slog. Day after day of exam preparation and mind numbing facts.

On the plus! I get great BG results – yay!

I have also managed to finally get my night readings under control, a month of night readings and inconsistent sleep really isn’t easy.

The OmniPod is the best thing ever! I don’t know what I would have done without it. It is so easy to use and works very well.

I have had to quit the flute however I am still playing the Saxophone!


Just a quick update!

Emily xxx

OmniPod Review

Exactly 9 days ago I started the OmniPod insulin pump by Ypsomed. Yay!

After school a representative came to my house and bought a whole load of experience and advice. We started by running through a checklist to make sure that I wasn’t going to suddenly have a massive insulin overdose. After un boxing the PDM and a shiny, new, white box it was time to pick a site. Oh, decisions, decisions. I didn’t know where to go. My mother suggested my arm so that’s where I went. A quick flick and ping, in went the little blue canula.

I had immense fun the rest of that day just with the thought of being able to avoid those nasty little pens and needles.

Then I went to bed. And my, that’s when the real fun started. Up and down like a yo-yo every two hours. It felt like torture. My little white friend was as good as can be and kept plugging along. The fist night I had immaculate levels with only one hypo. The next night was a different story. The lantus had worn off and I was sky high. Forget cloud 9 I was miles above that; think more along the lines of cloud 100000000000000000! Then the next day I had maths last period. That was a challenge.

Finally it was the summer holidays and I could relax and lie in. I already felt so much better. I thnk after a couple of nights the disturbed sleep became routine and I was (am) coping very well indeed.

Shortly after my cousin came to stay. (Lets call him P.) And that was when the OmniPod gave me a freedom that I had forgotten existed since the summer last year. We went to the swimming pool and I didn’t have to stuff my face with carbs just to keep up. A simple basal rate made sure my levels were consistent. Ice cream at McDonalds took seconds as opposed to painful minutes. One quick click and my little, white friend was ticking away. Being with two other teenage non-T1Ds used to make me feel different and slow. The OmniPod, however, kept up superbly. I was ready for dinner with them and didn’t have to miss out on a single minute of fun due to exercise because I had done anything more than walk 6 steps….

I find Pod changes quick and simple and I already have my own knack for getting the insulin out of the adorable vials. It self primed and then was stuck on like super glue for 3 days.

I have only had 1 problem so far. I spent a day in the garden going in and out of our paddling pool and along with exercise this particular Pod did come loose and I did have to change it. I admit that this was my fault and is by no means a problem with the pump itself.

In the future I am going to get some very groovy GrifGrips to make sure that during active days the Pod stays firmly attached.

Big Dex Dog Grip - GrifGrips

Courtesy of grifgrips.com

I did also buy some PumpPeelz to make my PDM look funky and so far I couldn’t be more pleased with them! I just wish PumpPeelz had a shipping depot in the UK!

Ikat for OmniPod PDM - Pump Peelz Insulin Pump Skins - 1

Courtesy of pumppeelz.com

Overall i would (so far, I have only had it 9 days after all) fully, 100% recommend the OmniPod to anyone. At first waking up every two hours seems like hell but over time and in the long run tighter control and more freedom are so definitely worth it!


London Lows

I love inset days near the end of term! A whole day of freedom to escape the usual school day! This inset day I visited my favourite place – London.

I started my day with a train ride to Waterloo East where I gazed out onto the open fields. Once I arrived I changed and got a tube to Stratford. Then came to shaky legs. Like a very unsteady foal I wandered over to the Emirates Air Crossing. I hopped into a carriage and flew above the Thames. The views were incredible. Several hundred feet above the Thames I finally tested and appeared to be at 3.5 mmol/l. Quick glucose snack and a Coco pops bar and I was off again.


View from the Emirates Cable Car London

I tramped to the DLR and was taken by a driver-less (and very snazzy train) all the way to the Olympic Park. But first a quick pit stop at Krispy Kreme. Oh my were they the most delicious little sugar coated rings of joy that I had ever eaten. Knowing that I had a long day ahead with lots of exercise I decided to bolus for half. I guessed 20g. I had a shot and then carried on to the Olympic Swimming Pool.


Docklands Light Railway or DLR London

Krispy Kreme.JPG

Krispy Kreme Stratford London

The Olympic Pool is beautiful but deep, very deep and cold and long. Halfway through I tested, just in case, and found that i was low… again. I then combated the low with glucose, apricots and mini animals. By this point I had had around 50g of carbs insulin free. I carried on swimming left the pool and went out to the river for lunch.

Olympic Pool.JPG

Olympic Pool Queen Elizabeth Park London

After a bagel and an apple it was time to ride the Arcelormittal slide. I had to put my stuff in a locker and then ride a lift into the sky. I got to the top and saw an enormous queue. From checking downstairs I knew that I was at 6.5mmol/l with 2U of active insulin. I knew I wouldn’t last the 30 minute line. I stuffed a rocky bar down me and still worried. By this point I had eaten so much food that I was about to burst. Fortunately my wonderful Dad spoke to a lovely man who moved us to the front of the line. I whizzed down the slide and it was fantastic. Definitely go and do it! Even if you are afraid of heights then go. The speed and enjoyment soon makes you forget how high up it is!


Arcelormittal Slide London

Finally we took a bus into central London and went shopping in Harrods. We didn’t buy anything but looking is still fun!

To end the day I enjoyed a very healthy and nutritious McDonalds and went home!

Tips for London:

If on MDI Keep snacking and full use of that Exercise feature to reduce insulin.

Ask – if you don’t feel you can queue just say. Most people are very welcoming.

The Olympic Pool is hard work. Again, keep snacking.

Shopping in Harrods is also exercise.

Keep ID on you. Accidents can happen.

Have fun! Go out there and eat Krispy Kreme and McDonald’s in one day and prove those Diabetes stereotypes wrong! (Although – in all honesty – junk food and donuts should only be eaten in moderation really!)


Emily x

True or False…

So this week it was national Diabetes week. I saw lots of support for this event on the internet but very little in real life. I just think that there is too much attached to the word. It seems like fat and diabetes have to go in the same sentence. They don’t. Granted, in some cases of non Type 1 diabetics health, weight and lifestyle can play a part in developing Type 2 or one of the many other types yet, the record needs to be set straight. Whenever anyone asks me why I have this or do that my response is, I am Type 1 diabetic – not the type often associated with lifestyle or weight, but the pot luck version. The one where it literally just happened to me. I think that more needs to be done to educate the world as to how serious Diabetes is. And, most importantly, how it is not a joke. Next year, I hope that, next year, Diabetes Awareness week is bigger and better!!!

Next, Libre Sensors. I want to start using them so so much but the cost is ridiculous and they aren’t provided on the NHS. I think, and hope, that one day they will be inexpensive and widely available to give fingers a rest and make managing a Workshy Pancreas much easier.

Image – Courtesy of Diatribe.Org

Also, Genteel. This finger prickers that can be used almost anywhere seem amazing. The website is fantastic and I am in love with the purple one. Again they are expensive and aren’t funded by the NHS. I hope that in the future I will be able to get one to help my fingers especially as I am starting a pump in a couple of weeks which means a lot more testing. Please leave comments on both the libre and Genteel.

Image – Courtesy of Genteel.com

Hopefully in two years time I will be able to do a skydive to raise money for Diabetes and make sure that we are one step closer to a cure!

Also it is National Diabetes Day on November 14th! Don’t forget to celebrate!

Last but not least I also really want to mention iheartguts.com. They have incredible products and I am hoping for a plush pancreas for my 1 year diaversary on the 7th August!!!



ill, cake and halfterm

Oh, lucky me. Firstly, I was (and still am) ill. And secondly, it was during the holidays. Such fun. Or maybe not…

To start with I spent a whole day of my precious 9 days off in bed and the rest of them with a temperature and a throbbing headache, add in a sore throat and a cough.Viola! One very high and rather grumpy teenager with a workshy pancreas. Oh the joys never stop!

Ill also means, yes you guessed it, high, high levels. I had just got an amazing (if I may say so myself) pie chart of mostly green levels annnnnnnd now it is gone. From all the high levels from being ill. I did add illness and took corrections but no, those levels weren’t budging at all.

Yesterday I had the worst nights sleep ever and now I am sitting here coughing away typing this, contemplating the joys of tomorrow at school. Yay! No, I’m being harsh – school really isn’t that bad. I was hoping to feel energised and refreshed after this holiday but as enjoyable as it has been I feel more like a slug than when I started it.

Nonetheless I did have fun and with a couple of painkillers I made the most of this holiday! I got up at 5 am to do a boot fair – we had lots to sell. Part of the reason behind going was a free Mr Whippy from my mum. Needless to say I was more than horrified when I queued for ages only to be told that the machine to create the lovely white stuff was broken. I had even allowed and given a shot for it. I had a nice lolly and a banana though! 🙂 What else did I do? My grandparents came for the day and I went shopping and out to dinner with my mum. We went to Cote brassiere. Mmmm that food was amazing! I also had quite a few nerf fights with my brother and went to see “Me before You.” It was probably the most amazing and inspiring film ever. I loved it! Cringe…  Last but not least I ate a massive slice of cake with my dad and bought a new PE kit for school.

So, I found i week, that even being ill and having roller-coaster levels shouldn’t stop me from doing anything. I also realised that I didn’t need to feel 100% to have a great time. I made the most of it and on the whole I think I had an amazing week! I know, this is contrary to my first paragraph but hey ho, looking back makes me realise that I really have had a fun half term!

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Emily 🙂

Oh and I had a BBQ today! And a low of 3.6 – treated with a magnum. As you do!



Hello! Long time no Blog post… so, here I am typing away on my laptop while listening to Coldplay’s Hymn for the Weekend. Wait… no. Spotifys changed, I’m on 7 years by Lukas Graham now.

So, I am currently on an OmniPod trial. I am on the second pod and so far it is proving fantastic. Mine are only filled with saline water to get a feel for the PDM and wearing the Pod itself. I think that I might be in love.

No, honestly. I really do love it…so far, I hasten to add.

On the second day of wearing the Pod I decided to explore the PDM. It was so simple to use. Single handedly with no tutorials I managed to put in all of my corrections and carb ratios. I also worked my way to the home and id screen to add my name to eat. I must say, it is a very polite PDM welcoming me by my nickname “Emsy” every time I go to I wander over to him for some bolus advice! The PDM that I am currently using is on loan and I will get a brand new one in a couple of weeks when I finally become a pumper!!!!

I also thought that I would test the OmniPod’s aquatic abilities. Needless to say it far exceeded my expectations and stayed attached for the hour and a half that I was in the water. (I wore a black, blue and green patterned costume and the OmniPod was on my stomach and it was barely noticeable.) Tip: If you want you OmniPod to by less obvious wear a patterned costume. My only criticism would be that the edges of the tape did start to peel away but then I suppose nothing is perfect. In future I will add some extra tape.

The OmniPod that I am currently wearing is on my arm and I am don’t really know that it is there. I feel it a lot less than when it was on my stomach.

At school today I proudly showed it off to all my friends. They were very supportive and surprisingly curious and interested. I only made other people jump once. In Design Technology I unexpectedly beeped and even scared myself. We also had an assembly and I sat there praying that it wouldn’t start screaming, that would be so humiliating, yet absolutely hilarious at the same time!

My next step is to contact my lovely and amazing nurse to arrange a carb counting assessment to check that I won’t go and give myself some disastrous overdose!

Overall review of OmniPod so far: when can I ditch the jabs? I want to start OmnPod now… Please… Thank you!

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White jeans…Good or bad choice?

Summer’s here yay! Which means BBQs, icecream and lots of yummy carb filled treats. Or not. This is England we are talking about. The place where summer consists of an afternoon of sun and a whole load of rain and rain and guess what? More rain.

Recently, I went shopping with wonderful (possibly far fetched) ideas of bright sunny days at the beach and decided to buy a pair of white jeans. Sounds lovely, or not. After purchasing them it suddenly dawned on me. Blood tests! What if I get blood on them? Then I would end up with white and red jeans. Delightful and fashionable, I’m sure but not what I wanted. And then I thought about my impending transition to a pump… and I suddenly thought about the whole thing falling of and staining a nice red patch of them red.

Summer appears to have bought a whole host of new challenges. Keeping insulin cool, keeping insulin in pumps cool, keeping test strips out of the sun and careful planning as to where to place a pump. And last but not least the jolly event called flying. I often found packing in the past was hard enough but now it is a completely new minefield of letters and bags.

After trawling the internet to find a suitable cool pouch to place my insulin in ready for a very exciting trip to Iceland I came across Frio. A very clever set of bags that can be submerged in water which then keep insulin at room temperature. http://www.friouk.com/ I don’t have a Frio bag yet but as soon as I do I will write a review all about it. Of course there are also a whole melange of other products out there to choose from.

Lastly, I would like to mention PumpPeelz. An American company that produces and sells a whole range of stickers to jazz up meters and pumps. They are a great adittion to a pump to make it match your summer swimwear or outfits. And just generally make have a workshy pancreas much more fun! https://pumppeelz.com/ Also, seeing as I am yet to become a pumper, I haven’t tried these wonderful inventions although I have heard an amazing reviews about them. Once I get my hands on some PumpPeelz I will review them and let you know what I thought of them.

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Emily 🙂

And… let me know in the comments if you have tried any of the products below or have had experience with the OmniPod and what you thought about it!

Up and Down

Hypos in the night. Possibly the worst part (other than injections that just manage to hit the worst possible spot) about having a workshy pancreas. And unfortunately, last night, I had the joys of my second night time hypo. I awoke in pure confusion; all I could think about was food. Ooh the glorious taste of dextrose. So, I unhappily climbed out of my lovely warm bed and tiptoed over to my “Clobber bag” (I’ll write a post on that later!). Retreating back to the warmth of my duvet with dextrose and Nakd bar in hand I settled down to consume my night time goodies. Yum. (Not, I would rather have been sleeping.) I had just about finished the Nakd bar when I fell asleep. Around 10 minutes later I was rather rudely awakened by my finger pricker as I rolled over. After re-testing and seeing a lovely in range number I finally got to go back to bed. All in all the whole debacle cost me half an hour of precious sleep. Needless to say, 6.30 came around way to early.

Also, there is much excitement on the horizon! I am due to get an omni pod soon – a long awaited break from multiple injections. As long as I like wearing the demo that I am going to try a week tomorrow then I should be a proud pumper by June! Do you use an omni pod? Please leave any tips or advice in the comments section.

Emily 🙂


My name is Emily and I live in England. I have type 1 diabetes. Quite frankly, I would say that I am, however, not a diabetic. That’s just a label and I am not some parcel being shipped in one direction to a set future. No. I will choose the path that I take and any problems that my pancreas wishes to plant in my way are purely extra hurdles. Mere inconveniences which will not detract from what I set out to do. Yes, admittedly, they will set me back but only for a minute; a minute while I inconspicuously try to consume dextrose and a bag of crisps in the back of my maths class whilest simultaneously attempting a linear equation that has far less purpose in life than my useless pancreas. But, in the long run, it just becomes a way of life, a habit; just as I hope writing this will become a regular occurrence. So, welcome to my blog and I hope that you enjoy reading it. I would also, however, like to point out that I am not a nurse or doctor or any specialist. I am purely an ordinary person reaching out to share an honest perspective on life with a workshy pancreas.

Emily 🙂